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Matthew D. Scott received a Juris Doctorate degree from McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California.

Matt founded MDSLaw in 2011. He and his team focus entirely on helping families and business owners to plan their futures. Working in close collaboration with a trusted network of financial advisers, accountants, bankers and real estate professionals, Matt delivers high-quality legal services in a no-nonsense fashion. He has prepared well over one thousand estate plans for clients throughout California.

A vigorous advocate of alternative dispute resolution, Matt has received training in negotiations and settlements and completed over 40 hours of formal mediation instruction. He prefers to assist parties in resolving their differences outside the courtroom.

Prior to law school, Matt received a Bachelor of Music degree with emphasis in Vocal Performance at Brigham Young University. He has sung in multiple countries and in a dozen languages, including an appearance at Carnegie Hall. In the fall of 2016, he released a second solo album under his own label.

In 2017, Mr. Scott obtained all required licenses to offer a full range of insurance, investment, and financial planning services to his clients, alongside his legal practice. Click here to learn more.

Matt is fluent in Spanish, having lived in Mexico for two years and taught university-level courses for over four years. He enjoys great outdoor adventures, pianos of all vintages, and ice cream in all flavors. He adores his wife and four children.

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